Pluto Is Ready For Its Close Up!


Like everyone else, NASA has grown tired of Uranus (nailed it in the first sentence), so the New Horizon moved on to Pluto.  In the next 24 hours we should (hopefully) be getting even better pictures of the artist formerly known as a planet.  Need to be up to speed? Don’t follow real news sites and Gabbing Geek is the best you got?  We got ya covered!

According to some science nerd:

Earlier, the space agency released the most detailed picture yet as it hurtled towards the dwarf planet on Tuesday.

The probe was set to grab more images and other data as it passed just 12,500km from the little world at 11:50 GMT (12:50 BST).

The spacecraft is currently out of contact with Earth as it continues its observations.  But scientists already have colour data from the approach and said they might release another new picture of Pluto later on Tuesday.

Images set to be released on Wednesday will be more than 10 times the resolution of those already published.

New Horizons’ flyby of 2,370km-wide Pluto is a key moment in the history of space exploration.

It marks the fact that all nine objects considered by many to be the Solar System’s planets – from Mercury through to Pluto – have now been visited at least once by a probe.

Notice how no one wants to be close to Uranus. Boom! Again!
Pictured: Nerds
Pluto and moons relative to Earth’s size
New Horizons

This probe launched 9 years ago and has traveled 3 billion miles.  If we can build a probe that will work for 3 billion miles, why does a Ford give out after 60,000 miles?  Oh.  It’s because we can’t buy another probe when the new model comes out…

Source:  BBC

One thought on “Pluto Is Ready For Its Close Up!”

  1. Scary that I can read the first few sentences of the article and have a pretty good idea who wrote it. Nice swoop on the planetary comedy in the first sentence. My w’s bet was right.


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