Gabbing Geek 46: The Comic-Con Game!

Gabbing Geek 46: The Comic-Con Game!
Gabbing Geek 46: The Comic-Con Game!

Our latest podcast looks back at the San Diego Comic Con with a fun twist!  Give it a listen right this very second or jump after the break to find out more!  So much geek news!

In honor of the San Diego Comic Con, in Episode 46 we play The Comic-Con Game!  We aren’t even going to tell you what we cover in the episode because we pulled 24 different topics from the big event last weekend and then we started rolling a die.  Whatever number came up, that’s the topic you had to lead a discussion in.  Or you take the Wild Card and pick your own topic…but for a steep price!  Find out the price and what we discussed in this latest episode!

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Ryan Garcia

Father of two boys, husband, attorney for Dell (Social Media, Retail, Gaming), Broadway geek, comic book geek, science fiction geek, gadget geek.

2 thoughts on “Gabbing Geek 46: The Comic-Con Game!”

  1. this week “they made me laugh when I wasn’t ready for it comment was:

    I’d like to beep about half the things you say.


  2. also….as you said the Journalists will follow the crowd. You just spent 10 minutes talking about the early release of that trailer via fuzzy means. I believe they absolutely did it on purpose and had an “awkward” reply after it leaked to create more buzz/articles.

    I get the idea of Marvel’s control over their own…but I think DC did this on purpose……..

    PS…I am interested in the Suicide Squad. Just something new… and I watched the trailer just because i saw it “leaked” Marketing win for DC


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