Marvel’s Ant-Man Costume Comes To Life With This Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Dude – if you haven’t seen Marvel’s Ant-Man – go to the theater now and FIX IT! I’m tellIng you – you’ll love it. But seriously, go see the movie. Now – for the rest of us who have seen the movie – just kidding non-movie-goers – check out this amazing Ant-Man leather jacket! Totally looks just like the version Scott Lang wears in the movie. Thanks to Etsy shop owner MBJackets, you not only can get your hands on this beauty, but there are so many more super hero jackets to choose from like Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and more. See more of Ant-Man’s jacket above, plus some of our other favorites after the break:

il_fullxfull.797449694_awgr il_fullxfull.797213371_mbl3 il_fullxfull.797186919_nzme il_fullxfull.794750345_uyc4 il_fullxfull.793280163_b60x

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