Original SNL Cast Member Dies


Actor George Coe has died.

Don’t know who he is?  He was actually one of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players.

Sure, most people who think of the original cast of Saturday Night Live probably think of folks like John Belushi, Chevy Chase, or Gilda Radner.  But Coe was there at the network’s insistence.  At 46, he was notably older and was meant to balance out the younger cast members.  He only lasted a single season, but he was there.  In fact, he was the oldest person to join the cast ever until 2014, when 47 year old (and future Ghostbuster) Leslie Jones joined the show.

And it turns out some of you may be familiar with him from other places, namely his voice.  Coe has done a lot of voice work.  One of his best known characters was Sterling Archer’s elder and abused butler Woodhouse.

He will be missed.

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