How Much Has Video Game Culture Changed?

ET Video Game

Video games have come a long way since the days where E.T. the Video Game took the world by storm.  Ok.  So maybe that never happened, but the point remains.  Just how MUCH has the world of gaming changed since millions of Atari cartridges featuring a Reese’s Pieces eating alien went into the landfill?


One thought on “How Much Has Video Game Culture Changed?”

  1. I agree, no major changes in how the games work except now my Xbox One is pretty good at telling me to move my butt faster and lower on squats when I’m slacking. To me the evolution is in using the gaming console as a central hub for the home, which isn’t exciting from a game perspective but nice from usability. I honestly use my Xbox one 90% of the time for the convenience of how it links my cable, internet, DVR and TV so I can stop, start, rewind, vol up/down, and use of apps similar to my smart phone ….and I do most of it verbally because yes, I am lazy.

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