Fangirls: Too Many Marvel Movies


If you are unfamiliar with YouTube sensation Only Leigh, then you are in for a treat… especially if you are also sick and tired of all the Marvel movies that have flooded the market…. I’m looking at you Watson. Yes…. you. Check out this awesome short video of the consequence of skipping just ONE of the upcoming Marvel movies…. you wouldn’t dare, would you? Mwwwwwaaaaahahahahaha!

One thought on “Fangirls: Too Many Marvel Movies”

  1. lol…… I have disagreed with Watson on MCU over and over…I don’t think the “average person” understands what the MCU is….. they see each on their own merit. That said….this damn thing backs him up.

    But, I would still say…these “fangirls” are beyond your average moviegoer….and I think this MCU is weakening discussion only exists in their heads. The rest of the world likes or doesn’t like ant man on it’s own merit… That said…. I was disappointed in age of Ultron…. but I don’t see the MCU as failing. What goes up…comes down. MCU will make you happy again….just wait WW’s.

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