A Hamill/Conroy Reunion For Animated Killing Joke?

I’m not sure what to think about Bruce Timm’s (Batman: The Animated Series, among others) adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke due for release in 2016.  It is a critical, commercial and person favorite Batman/Joker story…but it is also exceptionally dark.  It can be disturbing and is famous for the shooting and crippling of then Batgirl Barbara Gordon.  It also features the naked tortures of Barbara and Jim Gordon that I’m sure won’t make it past the animated censors.  It’s already been reported that the story will feature a new 15 minute prolouge to introduce the story.  I wonder at the end of the day how much it will still resemble the source material?

I will guarantee  one thing, Alan Moore won’t watch it.

On the plus side, multiple sources are reporting Mark Hamill has agreed to come out of his Joker retirement to voice the Clown Prince of Crime one more time.  Hamill has said for years that he would love to do a version of The Killing Joke, even encouraging fans to rally DC for it.

While Heath Ledger took a memorable turn in The Dark Knight, and I like Nicholson’s version, Hamill will always be the ultimate Joker to me.  I’m sure it is a generational thing.  Now, if they can just convince Kevin Conroy to sign up and end both their runs with a bang.  And by the sounds of it, it might not take much convincing.


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