Geek Gear Is Here! Halo Energy Sword Lamp Lights Up Your Room As Well As Your Enemies



Spice up that lonely end table with a glowing piece of video game love. This Halo inspired light is perfect for a corner table, night stand, or the sleeping quarters on your Pelican.

Lamp is made of laser cut and polished 1/4″ acrylic (the sword blades of transparent fluorescent blue, the handle and stand of translucent dark blue) giving the piece a very clean look.  As an added bonus, the sword easily lifts out of the base to be used in BATTLE! Yes! It actually detaches so that you too can be Master Chief of the bedroom.

Check out where to buy it and other photos after the break:

The Back Pack Shoppe has many other geek inspired lamps if you’re not into Halo – but come on – the lamp is a sword is a lamp. What’s more awesome than that? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.





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