Watson’s Unhappy Reaction To This Week’s Gabbing Geek Podcast

Last week, I was handed down a one show suspension on the Gabbing Geek podcast.  My appeal to President Obama was met with silence.  #ThanksObama.  Donald Trump, however, called this decision pathetic and blasted Ryan and Jenny as “Losers”.

As unhappy as I am to be on Team Trump, I found myself today listening to the very first Gabbing Geek podcast ever where I was not THE dynamic and leading voice of the show.  I was sad, but did notice my name was mentioned more times during the supposedly Watson-free episode than Tony Stark’s name is mentioned during a non-Iron Man MCU film.

So what did I think of the episode that went on in my absence?  I sum it up very eloquently after the jump!

Turrible just turrible



2 thoughts on “Watson’s Unhappy Reaction To This Week’s Gabbing Geek Podcast”

  1. hmm… I think, like counting how many times they say “urgent” in the old Foreigner song “urgent”……I’d like to know how many times Watson was mentioned…. I actually think he got more press and consideration from being quiet than being there. I can normally just zone out on his comments but when his name is mentioned all the time…. geez. I honestly started to count but stopped at 25 as it was too much work. Watson…I think you got more press. AND they read my geekmail note praising you for the thought in jeopardy last week…… I think this should be your norm, it’s better for you.

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