Reminder: Geek Book Club For Childhood’s End In One Week


Hey everyone who reads the credit boxes for articles.  I’m back from my vacation.  My wife and I spent a lovely ten days in Nova Scotia, and there wasn’t much of a Geek nature going on there because my wife is not a Geek.  I didn’t even get much of the reading I thought I would get done finished because we were doing stuff.

Sightseeing, Watson.  Get your head out of the gutter.

Reminder on stuff after the cut.

Anyway, one week from today will be the review/write up for Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.  Sy-Fy Channel has a mini-series based on it coming out in a few months and its a classic of the genre.  I’ve never read any of Clarke’s work before, but I did see 2001 once.  That was…something else.

I want to take a moment now to thank Jimmy for filling in on some of my regular stuff.  The TV review looked good, and he did a fine job on the podcast reactions.  Weird Internet means I still haven’t heard all of the Watson Free podcast yet.  He’s a pal.  He even kept the DCAU stuff going without watching a single cartoon.  That’s dedication.  Maybe now he can tell me why I didn’t see a single moose in his entire country.

Here's one.
Here’s one.

But Jimmy did better than Jenny, who said she’d do a Misplaced Hero.  I’ll just have to do it myself.  Jimmy probably deserves a visit from Malin Ackerman for his effort.  Jenny deserves a visit from David Boreanaz’s dad, who was the local weatherman where I grew up.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Geek Book Club For Childhood’s End In One Week”

  1. I will text you my address to send to Malin. As for the moose, better off you didn’t see one. As if you did he would probably have been coming through your windshield and you wouldn’t be writing these posts.


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