Happy Birthday, Gabbing Geek!

One year ago today, the very first episode of the Gabbing Geek podcast was released to an excited public. The audio was terrible, the running time was 1.5 hours, we operated strictly off a FB page, and, jarringly, the other Geeks called Watson by his first name.

One year later, Ryan has mastered audio and production, we run a tight one hour show (we actually produced a few 2 hour shows before coming to this realization), the Gabbing Geek website has passed the podcast as a means to inform and entertain our audience, and now the Geeks either use Watson or Dbag.

Join us now as the hosts and writers of Gabbing Geek reflect on their favorite and not so favorite moments from this special first year!


There are so many wonderful moments I could pull from this past year with Gabbing Geek. I mean – I am the only woman on the show, so I could totally say that simply having me in your presence is an obvious highlight – because, yes, I’m wonderful. But we already know that, right? So in an effort to not outshine my colleagues, here are some of my favorite memories with the Gabbing Geek crew:

  • The day the guys asked me to be part of the podcast is a huge highlight for me. Yep. Single tear. It’s hard being a geek girl, and it’s even harder to play in the boys game and be a geek girl. So I was honored to be asked by Ryan and Watson to help co-host the podcast. Now I rule the world, so thank you knuckleheads, you are the only reason I have usurped your kingdom and called it my own.
  • #JennyMath – This is both a fun memory and a curse. #JennyMath came from one of our infant episodes where I was trying to describe something with numbers and it all went to hell. Since then, numbers and Jenny don’t mix well on air. The guys have had a good time with that little fact – and now the world can too. It’s caught on within my friendship circles,  people are using it at the office, I think I’ve seen a billboard here and there, and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that are using it too. You’re welcome.
  • #Jenny30 – during one of our Holiday episodes I dropped knowledge on the guys that I have a  list of 30+ people in which all bets are off. The list isn’t important, it was the look on their face when this fact was revealed. The sheer terror and delight I saw mixed with a slight dash of confusion made that whole discussion worth it. Since then – thankfully – we haven’t really touched upon the list. But well all know who’s #1 – don’t we Cumberbitches!?
  • Avengers Trivia – this was the day on the podcast I came with 7 different Avengers for the guys to try and guess through trivia questions and right off the bat both Watson and Ryan guessed two women on my list – in the correct order. I couldn’t stop laughing – genuinely laughing (like and old man). I think I was more stunned that they knew me so well to guess the right people – I’ve since learned my lesson with those two!
  • I would be amiss if I didn’t mention some of my less than stellar moments which include: The Spider Woman Incident (not talking about it), crying over Bing-Bong (not talking about it), and calling Watson, William. Ewww, still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Actually, scratch that. Nothing of Watson has ever been in my mouth – I want to make that clear. Oh holy hell. I should have just said: (not talking about it) #JennyJustStop.


  • Highlights: Not being sick
  • Lowlights: Being sick


  • Highlights:
  • The Neil Patrick Harris moment is the best moment of my life, let alone of the last year.  Yeah, I know it is supposed to be the birth of your kids, but have you MET my kids?  Ugh. <Jenny: I’ve met his kids, and he’s not kidding>  Based on a dare, I asked NPH to name a Clue quote.  He nailed it and from there, we planted a seed that ended with Ryan crying at my Oscar party because NPH mentioned the movie Clue in his opening monologue.  My triumph.  Ryan’s downfall.
  • The “In Memorium” skit for the Gabbies remains the funniest moment of Gabbing Geek for me.  Ryan wrote an amazing script and the three of us nailed it.  It still makes me laugh.
  • Anytime someone famous retweets or favorites a post of ours.  No matter who wrote the article, I am always really proud of that.  Nice to know your voice can be heard.
  • Lowlights:
  • My one show suspension for gross abuse of the non-swearing policy.  Still steaming about that one, and I’ll tell you another thing, they can  <Ryan:  At this point, Watson went off on a profanity-laced tirade, so I am editing it out. >
  • Behind the scenes of the website, until we got a proper cadence of how to communicate who was writing what, I think I wrote 4 long articles that Jimmy had already covered.  Fortunately, I now only post pictures of bad cosplay and silly geek jokes.  Makes it easier…


  • Highlights:Watson emitting a high pitched scream over a Christmas present Tshirt that celebrated the Neil Patrick Harris story during the podcast!Jenny unable to read a Bane letter without totally losing it.Ryan unable to accept I am not actually Watson writing under a fake name; well after I wrote several articles a week on the site.
  • Lowlights:  First time an e-mail of mine was received but would not be read.  (Editors Note:  He complained so much he started writing after that!)


  • Highlights:  The video reaction of the gang to the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.  A close runner up would be the outtakes from the podcast that explained what happened to the Gabby awards.
  • Lowlights:  The worst moment was when Tom went on vacation and I had to do all his work.  But seriously, I can’t think of a “worst” moment.  All our stuff is just varying degrees of awesome.  Happy Birthday Gabbing Geek!


  • Highlights:    Love anything with Jenny math and your contests the past year. The Star Wars spelling contest to Jenny’s horrible guess the author and ryan nailed one on the first clue. I think the contest mighty be some of the best because we get to play along.
  • Lowlights:  What fell flat, Jenny’s rant on lack of Black Widow toys at target, or the female Spider-Man being pregnant. So I guess any time Jenny goes Feminist, the podcast flops. Lol! (Editor’s Note:  Greg has been moved to an undisclosed location!)

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gabbing Geek!”

  1. I should have added that watching the Oscars and hearing NPH mention Clue. I lost my mind and the editorial room went ballistic. Ryan hung his head and was not happy.

    I’m not sure if it is a highlight or lowlight, but Ryan forgetting to mention his name for like the first dozen podcasts and now having to write it down to remember to say it still makes me laugh.

    The other lowlight was Watson dressed as Wonder Woman. I never saw it, but what a horrible mental image. On the plus side, as a highlight, I never saw it.

    Happy Birthday Geeks! 🙂

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