The Numbers Indicates The Hype For Suicide Squad Is All About Daddy’s Little Monster…

harley quinn

One of the hottest topics on the Gabbing Geek website these days tends to be Margot Robbie’s upcoming portrayal of the villainous Harley Quinn.  Particularly popular is her “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt.  The attention continues to surprise me so I wanted to look at JUST how big a star Robbie and her character are set to become.  And as always, we at Gabbing Geek like to have some numbers.

This is a total back of the envelope calculation I did while eating lunch at my desk at work, but it shows directionally where the attention is going for the Suicide Squad movie.  Suicide Squad and the phrase Daddy’s Little Monster generated 166k hits!  Half of those seems to be articles Jenny wrote…


Going further, we searched the character name itself and hit 136k results.  The quotes attempt to isolate out the “or” hits which pull from the comic book or animated series (though there are some that would pull from there as well).


By way of comparison, Deadshot, a character played by one of the most bankable movie stars in film history, pulls only 27.7k hits!  That’s a lot less coverage for Will Smith.


Ok, but maybe the results favored Smith’s real name instead of his character, right?  It’s a higher number, generating 77.4k results for that search.  Surely that blows away a similar search for the newcomer Margot Robbie right?

will smith

Not by much.  It does surpass the same search using the actresses real name, but there are only 3000 more results using the name of The Fresh Prince than for someone who has been in fewer feature roles than Hulk Hogan.


How do you feel about this, Will Smith?


We understand.  You should have thought of that before signing on to After Earth.

Just because…

This is obviously not the level of quantitative analysis you’d find from Nate Silver at  Google results are not the end all be all.  But man it looks like people are going to want to see more of Margot Robbie than they even saw when she walked into the living room in Wolf of Wall Street.


NOTE:  This is not the picture from that particular scene.  Jenny would not let me post THAT picture, and it is probably for the best…

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