UFC Champion Captain Marvel?



There seems to be a growing movement on the interwebs to give UFC champion Ronda Rousey a shot at playing Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel in Marvel’s 2018 movie.

While she may somewhat look the part and can obviously kick major ass…have you seen Furious 7?  I’m sorry, she can’t act.  But check out the picture above and more after the break of some artists depictions of her as the Marvel Heroine.

(Ronda, if you see this, please don’t come and beat me up.)


Sources: alexmurilloart, bosslogix, salman.artworks

One thought on “UFC Champion Captain Marvel?”

  1. As kick ass as it would be to have someone who is as awesome as her in the movie, you are right about her lack of acting abilities. I think for the first female driven superhero movie, Marvel needs to go with an established actress who can carry the movie.

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