Review: Time Lapse

timelapseTime travel movies are difficult to get right but Time Lapse does a great job threading the needle of the incredible and believable.  Head after the jump to read our spoiler-free review!

It’s almost impossible to pull off a time travel movie with the actual inventor of a time travel machine–you immediately have to put someone else in the machine/process so they can’t just, you know, use it correctly.  Marty McFly.  Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.  Tom Cruise in real life, and also that Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat/Whatever It’s Called movie.

In this movie the three protagonists are apartment roommates who stumble upon a deceased neighbor’s invention: a camera that can take a picture 24 hours into the future.  Since the giant camera is bolted to the floor of the inventor’s apartment, and because the inventor apparently had a peeping Tom thing, the camera is focused on the large window of our three main character’s apartment.  This not only gives them glimpses into their future but also an opportunity to post messages on the window to their past selves.

Naturally the gang takes advantage of the machine to win money and gain inspiration for their creative endeavours, but as all things time travel go it gradually turns darker.  Things are seen in the future that may not be desirable, and there’s the perpetual question of whether the picture made the events happen or whether the future can be changed.

Of course there are plot holes–this is a time travel movie after all–but they are generally forgivable within the context of the genre.  And the twists and turns the movie takes feel real and unsettling.  This is not a blockbuster time travel movie but rather a tight thriller that has enough surprises to keep you interested.  If you enjoy tense science fiction thrillers or time travel movies in general, definitely check it out.  It’s a rental on iTunes and probably other sites as well.

Score: 7.5 out of 10 peeks into the future.

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