RIP Baltimore Batman

Leonard Robinson is known as batman to children in area hospitals

There aren’t enough good people in the world.

True, there are a number of good people, but when a man who gains fame for visiting kids in a hospital, a man known basically for charity, dies, well, we may be inclined to think the world is a darker place as a result.

The “Baltimore Batman” Leonard Robinson was killed in a car crash.  Robinson was known for visiting sick kids while dressed like Batman.   He will be missed.


4 thoughts on “RIP Baltimore Batman”

  1. I live between Baltimore and DC just off route 29 where the great man often drove. I have seen him driving to a hospital visit before, impressive to see the car and guy in the suit and it’s not Comicon. His passing is on every network here because his work was always good positive news that people like to hear. I am glad to see him recognized on ggeek as well and makes me realize his efforts were far bigger than I realized. We should all be as influential in our lives. He will be missed.


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