Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Part 5


Fear not true believers, my obsession with the Spider-Man Complete Chronology and posts you won’t read has not wavered, just been waylayed by Convergence and Secret Wars.

After the break, check out some cameos that Spidey has made in the Marvel Universe over the years that are not significant enough to include in the reading order.

Fantastic Four 36 (March 1965) – This might be one of my favorite Spidey cameos just based on the sheer 60’s zaniness of it.  After not getting an invite to Sue Storm and Reed Richards engagement party, Spidey drops by and steals a piece of cake before taking off because some flying ship is inbound.

Fantastic Four Annual 3 (1965) – From one of the best, to one of the worst.  And from Sue and Reed’s engagement party, to their wedding issue.  And just like every wedding I’ve ever been to a full on super hero/villain brawl breaks out at the nuptials.  Unfortunately Spider-Man’s appearance is phoned in.  Have a look below.  I’m 98.6% sure that is an iconic Spidey shot from elsewhere that has just been reused.

Fantastic Four Annual 03

Strange Tales 156 (May 1967) –  This is a weak one.  In a Nick Fury vs Hydra story, Spidey, Daredevil and Thor are shown hanging out watching an episode of Star Trek the original series, when the broadcast gets interrupted by some Hydra end of the world nonsense.

Strange Tales 156

Sub-Mariner 14 (June 1969) – It’s the Puppet Master, The Thinker and Egghead vs Namor and the original Human Torch.  And as is the popular thing to do before destorying the world, they take their message to the masses by interrupting everyones favorite TV programs.  Spidey catches the message while sneaking around and looking in someone’s window.  And he wonders why people are always calling the cops on him.

Sub Mariner 14


Fantastic Four 111 (July 1971) – We’ll end with something a bit meatier.  The two most common minor Spider-Man cameos are the random shot of Spidey with his Spider-Senses tingling over some world ending event or another; or Peter Parker doing some kind of work at/for the Daily Bugle, usually with a ranting, raving J Jonah Jameson in tow.  As per below when The Thing and the Human Torch are fighting because comics.

Fantastic Four 111_1 Fantastic Four 111_2

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