Agents Of SHIELD Spin-Off? This Time For Sure? I Thought That Was Off…

Hey, It's One Interesting Character!
Hey, It’s One Interesting Character!

ABC and Marvel have said they may or may not have an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off featuring Mockingbird and her ex-husband-who-is-not-Hawkeye.

Well, now it looks like it’s back on.  I have some opinions after the cut.

OK, for the record, I am no fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I watched all of season one and thought the whole thing rather dull and full of bland characters.  When the most interesting characters are only guest stars, that’s a problem.  Skye?  Dull.  Ward?  Really dull until he turned evil, then he was slightly less dull than Skye.  Ming-na Wen was wasted as a stereotypical Asian bad ass.  Fitz and Simmons were one person, though Simmons could make a scene any time she tried to lie.  And Coulson was Coulson.

Who was interesting?  Deathlok.  I would have watched a whole show about that guy.  Patton Oswalt’s dead guy in the vents was more interesting than most of the main cast.  And Bill Paxton got to chew some scenery in a fun way.

Really, they stopped one bad guy with what looked like high powered flashlights to save an underutilized Amy Acker.  I suspect the real fireworks were held off while waiting for the big twist in Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, but by then I didn’t care. Too many scenes on that damn plane.

But I watched a few episodes here and there of season two.  More bland characters, including that Hunter guy.  The thing that set him apart was his English accent.

But then Adrianne Palicki showed up as Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird and MY GOD what a difference an interesting actor can make.  Not enough to make me want to watch the show, but an improvement.  And they could let her be Hawkeye’s ex-wife, so she can be divorced from one of those bland S.H.I.E.L.D. guys.  It’s a really good thing for her that awful-looking Wonder Woman series never went anywhere.

Really, I could watch season two on Netflix if I wanted to, but can’t bring myself to care.  Daredevil is a much better Marvel show.  Arrow and especially The Flash are much better network superhero shows with only a fraction of the budget.

I guess what I am saying is…I’ll probably skip this one.  Can we just sneak Palicki into Avengers 3 instead?

2 thoughts on “Agents Of SHIELD Spin-Off? This Time For Sure? I Thought That Was Off…”

  1. I’m going to withhold judgment until I see the show. I didn’t think I’d like her on Agents of SHEILD, but I did! And I’m rooting for more female led shows – so this may be a great start! Make note that I have no confidence in Supergirl this fall. 😦


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