Don’t Blink(ing Lights)!


Now this may be one creepy and cool idea for a string of lights.

Weeping Angel lights…

Don’t know what the Weeping Angels are?  They may be the single most memorable new antagonists from the current Doctor Who series.  The basic premise was they appeared as everyday angel statues, but if you took your eyes off them for just a fraction of a second (even to blink), they could move very fast and kill you very quickly.  As long as something was watching them, they were incapable of movement.

Considering the potential budget for Doctor Who, a bunch of hostile angel statues that only move when no one’s looking sure is a good way to avoid an unexpected special effect budget.  Just set different statues wherever and off you go.

Ah, but now you can string them along your Christmas tree or whatever you want to potentially shock and awe your Who fan friends.  Think Geek is selling them for about $25.

And yes, the lights themselves do blink.


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