“Maze Runner” Director Moving On To Jotunheim

Not a scene from the source material, which is too bad.
Not a scene from the source material, which is too bad.

So, YA movies are the big thing, and when they do well enough to earn a sequel, or at least the contract that got signed more or less suggests the studio is going to do a sequel anyway, but most likely the former, then sometimes the director will be in demand for other things.

That’s what happened for Maze Runner director Wes Ball, whose been tapped to direct something about the Norse gods.

The story in question is entitled Fall of Gods, based off a Kickstarter-funded illustrated novel by the same name.  Fox has the film rights and wants Ball to direct.  For now, anyway.  You know how these things turn out sometimes.  Ever wish you could visit the Library in Gaiman’s Sandman and see if they have unfinished movies in there too?  I know what’d be looking for.

The only way we'll ever see Edgar Wright's Ant-Man...
The only way we’ll ever see Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man…

The story deals with a retired warrior who found peace with his wife until one day he comes home and finds her missing.  As such, he goes on a quest to get her back, leading him to Jotunheim and meetings with various gods and things.

This…sounds like a Viking version of Taken actually.  I’ll be onboard if they cast Liam Neeson to growl some threats at Thor.  That alone should be worth the price of admission.

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