Marvel’s Civil War Caused By Captain America: Civil War

"I'm a two soda kinda guy."
“I’m a two soda kinda guy.”

It was only a matter of time before more details emerged about the Marvel Studios reorganization that led Kevin Feige to directly report to Disney Studios rather than Marvel COO Ike Perlmutter.  The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it may have been the budget for Avengers 2.5 Captain America: Civil War that was the final straw.  Follow the link for more interesting details, but the biggest takeaway that surprised me is that Marvel TV shows (including Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix series) will remain on the Perlmutter side of the fence rather than the Feige.  The Netflix series have been too new to overlap much, but SHIELD has had some interesting movie tie-ins.  Will those continue or will the two mediums begin to separate?  Perhaps we’ll find out when Agents of SHIELD starts back up and Jessica Jones releases on Netflix in the next few months.

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