Star Trek Onesies! Because Having A Red Shirt Is Not Enough.


Beam me up one of these beauties Scotty! As many trekkie fans will know,  the crew of Star Trek: TNG began their run wearing spandex jumpsuits. That’s right. Full on SPANDEX awesomeness….and lots and lots of Gold Bond. Unfortunately for the fans, and fortunate for the crew, the spandex jumpsuits didn’t quite make it very far within the series. Too bad they didn’t have these fleece versions instead, because it’s basically an oversized Snuggy with a  zipper. Get your very own over at Think Geek. And see more pics of the onesies after the break:

Notice the SLIPPERS?!!! We featured those not too long ago as well!
imlr_star_trek_tng_lounger_blue imlr_star_trek_tng_lounger_red

imlr_star_trek_tng_lounger_back imlr_star_trek_tng_lounger_yellow

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