TIE Fighter Watch Costs Nearly As Much As The Death Star, Kinda.


This is definitely the watch you’ve been looking fore. The team at Devon Works, LLC have worked directly work Lucasfilm Ltd. to create a wrist watch that looks like a TIE fighter. This watch will set you back a mere $28,500 USD, and will be limited to 500 units. Yep – that means limited supply people (good thing we all know a very famous smuggler….shhhh.)

The watch is hand-made, designed with 316L stainless steel, a true “diamond-like” black coating, and a scratch-resistant lens up front, made of polycarbonate with “bulletproof” durability. The watch is made up of 350 individual parts, 313 electrical contacts, and 4 time belts. Yes, I said time belts. See the full specs after the break, and what this watch looks like up close.






Via: Slashgear

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