Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice

Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice
Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice

Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice, has 100% more female whale genitalia than you were expecting!  First we cover Lego Dimensions and some Marvel TV news before bringing you an epic, impromptu space adventure featuring things about whales you never knew you always wanted to hear. Finally, we wrap things up with an upgraded spelling test to see who knows their fictional swords!  You can listen to the episode right now or jump after the break to read more!

We’re mixing things up with episode 53, Slice And Dice!  First up, in our Geekiest News of the Week, we cover the new Lego Dimensions video game platform and some Marvel Netflix/TV news.

In a brand new segment, Choose Our Own Adventure, the three geeks combine random elements and their innate ability to BS to create an epic space opera involving female whale genitalia.  Fun for the whole family!

Finally, our Best Elite Test of Spelling has been upgraded to BETS 2.0!  Find out whether Jenny or Watson wins in this battle over how to spell famous swords from geek culture.

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