Apparently We’re Not Getting Too Old For This, Uh, Stuff. Lethal Weapon TV Show In The Works

Will they attempt to replicate this hairstyle which is more iconic than Madame Xanadu?

If you’re like me you woke up this morning, had breakfast, got a shower, brushed your teeth and thought to yourself, “self, you know what is missing in my life right now?  A TV show version of Lethal Weapon.”  Well, have I got news for you.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has agreed to a “put-pilot” reboot of the popular buddy cop franchise.  What is a “put-pilot”?  The interwebs tell me:

A put pilot is a pilot that the network has agreed to air either as a special or series. If the network does not air the pilot episode, the network will owe substantial monetary penalties to the studio. Generally, this guarantees that the pilot will be picked up by the network.

I had to take several different angles at writing this post as most of the memorable aspects of Lethal Weapon are not site friendly.  All four films were rated R for a reason.  So I wonder how that will translate to the small screen without making it “generic buddy cop action/comedy #17”?

A Lethal Weapon TV show…what’s next?  MacGyver coming back to TV?

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