Going To The Chapel And We’re…Gonna Produce A Pratonus Charm.


Listen, when people start talking marriage, we all know that means calling Snape and asking him to protect you with the “Unbreakable Vow.” Or it could mean that you’re ready to get hitched. You know, either/or. But one thing is for sure,  Paul Pape Designs can help you propose in a magical way if you use one of his Harry Potter inspired engagement boxes. You have to see it to believe it:

10569020_10152422457257763_7009405158881124944_n 10422539_10152888479427763_3391521363757412747_n tumblr_no41azSAO51qmlko9o1_1280 10641271_10152438930012763_7557641528935634504_n 10405309_10152672698217763_1482741723419678851_n 10846319_10152664086682763_1718214357658369596_n 10169436_10152628193742763_6034863002360195550_n

Via: When Geeks Wed

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