Spectacular Geek Rings From Larson Jewelers

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Let us introduce you Larson Jewelers, one of the coolest geek shops we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Larson Jewelers offers one of the largest selections of geeky rings in the industry.  You like Star Wars? They got it. You want Lord Of the Rings (no pun intended), they’ve got that too. Need to rollout with the Autobots? No problem.

Not only does the store offer a wide variety of geekiness to choose from, they also provide custom design and engraving services.  And the best part is that their tungsten bands come with a Lifetime Warranty that covers size exchanges and accidental damage. Too good to be true? We say nay! Check out some of our favorite rings, and hear more about our experience after the break:

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We first stumbled upon Larson Jewelers when they approached us regarding some of our Star Wars posts. Yeah – apparently we post a lot of stuff about Star Wars. Who knew? Just kidding. We love Star Wars. But we also love so many other geeky things, and Larson’s knew it. So we gave them a whirl and ordered three rings. Two of those rings are the “One Ring” from Lord of the rings, and the third was a black Autobots ring from Transformers.

Not only did the company impress us with their customer service, but honestly, looking through the endless choices of geekiness was an experience within itself. Just check out some of the rings we passed up (begrudgingly):

When we finally decided on the three rings, it wasn’t but a short wait until the rings arrived in beautiful packaging, and sized to perfection. I have to add that packaging to me is a big deal. If you’re going to meticulously spend time picking out a piece of jewelry, the least a shop can do is send it to you in a special way. And we weren’t disappointed.

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The rings are beautiful. I’m partial, because – well…..I’ve always wanted THE ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!!!! MWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! …Oh, pardon me. I got carried away. And if I didn’t know better, my ring looks exactly like it was created by the delicate hands of Rivendell Elves.

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My friends and I were enthralled with how well the rings blend into every day life as well. From afar, the ONE RING looks like a regular gold band, but once you get closer, you can see the elvish inscriptions gleaming brightly. Same with the black Autobot ring, at first glance it looks like a regular every day ring, but upon careful inspection, you see the emblem, and of course – smiles ensue. So basically, if you’re one of those closet geeks that isn’t quite comfortable waving your geek flag, then that’s okay – these rings can suit you too.

But we’re not the shy kind of geeks, and we had a little fun with our new found treasures. With the help of Gretchen G. Photography, we are happy to feature each ring. Up first is Jane and her precious….

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I, on the other hand had a little help from an old friend – Yeah, Aragorn and I are tight. So I asked him to model my ring. It seemed appropriate at the time since he is the new king of Gondor, and well – he basically saved everyone in the end (Frodo-shmodo).

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And last but not least, we have Optimus Prime showing off the itty bitty Transformers ring. What can I say – one of us has really small hands. 🙂 Either way – Optimus does us proud as he delicately displays the power of the ring as it interacts with the All-Spark!

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All in all our experience with Larson Jewelers was above reproach. They were professional, they were detailed, and they were very accommodating to any request we had. There are hundreds of geeky rings to choose from, so don’t delay – check them out find a precious of your very own.

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