Trailer Time: The 5th Wave


Based on a bestselling book I have never heard of, the alien invasion story The 5th Wave is coming soon to a theater near you.

Is this a YA book?  Hey, remember when those books didn’t feature violent distopias and chosen ones?  Let’s just say, judging from this trailer (after the cut) that this would make one intense Babysitter’s Club book.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: The 5th Wave”

  1. Here’s the journey of my own reaction to this trailer:
    Normal life, got it. Oh, mysterious object! PLANE CRASH!
    “What’s happening?!” No–nobody would say that. They know what just happened. They would immediately run or assume terrorist attack or not even care but okay it’s just a trailer.
    Oh we’re back to sitting on the couch calmly listening to news that should panic the crap out of anyone. Then again, it’s Hit Girl so she’s seen action before.
    And now we’ve got Spiky ID4 saucer! Scary.
    Oh, look, it’s Boris Spassky! (I just saw Pawn Sacrifice)
    Wave 1–no electricity. Well there goes all my social media snark.
    Wave 2–natural disasters. Like an earthquake. And an actual wave. It’s the Wave Wave!
    Wave 3–birds fly and then a disease hits. Hitchcock tried to warn you, people.
    Wave 4–umm…we get hooked up to electrodes? That doesn’t seem worse than the last wave.
    And now we train, and now we fight, and now we have mysterious strangers.

    All January movies should have a special screen at the start. Like instead of the green (or occasionally red) screen it should be a light brown with the stray bit of corn. Just so we know what we’re getting in the end.


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