Incredible Mondo Bizarro LP Makes Us Wish We Collected Vinyl

bizarrovinylcoverThere are geek collectibles you can appreciate from outside that sphere of influence and then there are geek collectibles that make you think “That is so awesome maybe I should start collecting it!”  This is one of those later pieces.  We’ve already discussed the awesomeness that is Mondo and their recent convention, but jump after the break to discover why this latest Superman Bizarro LP is one of the coolest pieces of vinyl we’ve ever seen.

The picture above is the outside cover, which is already an awesome depiction of the animated Bizarro character we all love…er, hate…wait, love is right because we don’t love him aw crap now I’m confused.  Anyway–Bizarro.

The inside cover is just as well drawn:


But then you take out the album and behold its awesomeness:

bizarrovinyl2 bizarrovinyl

That’s the front and back of the album.  It only contains a few minutes of music with 4 tracks (the main title and end credits of Superman: The Animated Series as well as the main title and end credits for The New Batman/Superman Adventures) but look at the shape and the color!  That’s pretty awesome.

And, for the piece de resistance, the tracks PLAY BACKWARDS!  You put the needle on the very inside of the album and the songs wind their way outside.  That’s awesome.  So awesome it doesn’t work on some record players that can’t handle the Bizarro.

Interested in picking up one of these limited edition pieces?  Check the Mondo Music store today (exact time unknown)!


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