Let’s Here It For The Superhero Girls Of DC!


Back in April, DC Comics and Mattel revealed the DC Super Hero Girls to the world. At the time, there was little information about the toy line beyond vague promises of figures, dolls, comics, books and clothing themed around DC’s strong lineup of female superheroes. Recently at New York Comic Con, the world got its first look at the toy line, including dolls based on Wonder WomanBatgirlHarley Quinn and more!


According to iO9:

“Mattel’s designers consulted a team of “feminists, bloggers, and academics” to get the looks of each hero just right.”

They went on to say:

“Getting the input of bloggers is a little weird, but it’s kind of insane (and yet totally great) that Mattel and DC had so much riding on Superhero Girls that they went this far to make sure the designs were well received by a female audience. I mean, it’s not every day you consult academics to make sure your Wonder Woman doll is up to scratch. The extra effort seems to show though, as all the designs we’ve seen so far have been great.”

And I couldn’t agree more. The article goes on to say that DC also did a focus group with little girls to see how well they connected with each character. And the girls had much to say. Some feedback given was:

“girls didn’t want the superheroes to be too girly, a problem with the first round of dolls that Mattel developed. One girl complained that the toys looked “more pretty than superhero,” and another pointed out that Poison Ivy’s scarf would only get in the way during a fight. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, was too skinny and not athletic enough.”

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! I am so proud of these little ones speaking up about women superheroes, and making a point to ensure they got the look, costuming, and even body structure right. Well done little tots!

Little girls aside, as a female who has nieces and nephews to spoil, I am also impressed with DC’s current line of female superhero action figures. Because, yes – these are also action figures, and not just dolls. I am particularly happy to see pants on over half of the line, which to me is a big win!


Additionally, DC recently launched an interactive website DC Super Hero Girls, which is delightfully adorable, yet educational, and fun! You can meet each of the female leads, download pictures, and play games that include your favorites. Major high-five for this feat DC! Major high-five!

Hopefully this will be a wake up call to Marvel, who – still to this day – has showed poorly in the female superhero market. Remember the Black Widow and Gamora debacle? Well – looks as if DC has learned from Marvel’s mistakes and is leading the pack in smart toy/interactive decisions.

Bravo DC – you have my attention.

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