Hulk To Bring About The Twilight Of The Gods?

More of this then?
More of this then?

Deadline is reporting the third Thor movie, subtitled Ragnarok, may include a certain Green Goliath.

That’s an interesting development.

I actually generally dig the Thor movies.  They tend to be lighthearted and fun, and Thor as a character is never taken completely seriously.  They almost work as comedies.  Plus, the Hulk may have been the break-out character in The Avengers after two solo movies that didn’t seem to generate much interest in the character.  Whether that was due to the way the character was portrayed, or just Mark Ruffalo’s sad puppy-dog eyes getting Bruce Banner in a way that neither Eric Bana nor Edward Norton did is a whole different story.  It could even be the Hulk isn’t a strong enough character to carry a movie by himself, even if he is the strongest one there is.

But stick him in a Thor film?  Huh.

“Ragnarok,” for those who don’t know their Norse myth, is the Twilight of the Gods, the time when the gods die, taking the universe with them, only to have it reborn after most everybody is dead.  The idea has been bounced around the Marvel Comics version of the gods, but the Hulk being tossed in seems new.  I could see Hulk being used as an agent of destruction by either Loki or whoever the real villain turns out to be or both.  He is someone who could potentially kill Thor, so Thor’s enemies could throw him out there.

Plus, the two characters have long had an antagonistic relationship in many ways.  Marvel tends to hedge their bets over which of the two is physically stronger (it usually depends on who’s book the other is appearing in).  Heck, they even met during a reunion TV movie, The Incredible Hulk Returns, where nerdy colleague of David (not Bruce) Banner, Donald Blake, could summon this violent Viking god from the ether.  That Thor thought Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk was a troll.  First they fought, then they teamed up.

I figure this Thor movie will go much the same way.

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