Gabbing Geek Box Office My Bumps Are All Goosie!


A lonely Martian entered the cinaplexes to do battle with vampire Sandler.  Who won the week?

*  Finishing first this week was Goosebumps with $23.5M in its opening weekend. Though it isn’t going to break any box office records, this is a nice number.  With decent reviews, this one could have legs.
goosebumps1-want-to-see-the-monsters-from-the-goosebumps-movie-right-now-no-problem-jpeg-181327* Coming in second this week was The Martian grossing $21.5M in its third weekend. This is an amazing third week number, and I am excited that such a quality movie is seeing such strong ticket sales.


* Number three this week was Bridge of Spies, finishing with $15.4M in its debut weekend.  This is an incredibly disappointing number for a Spielberg film; especially one with such good reviews.


*Pulling in at #4 this week was Crimson Peak with $12.9M in its opening week.  This is a huge flop.  The Guillermo Del Toro scarefest was not cheap like other horror entries; costing $55M in production costs!


* Rounding out the top five this week was Hotel Transylvania 2 in its 4th weekend with $12.3M.  The Sandler stinker continues to leverage the deal with the devil crafted to make this movie a success…


Source: Box Office Mojo

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