The Water Pressure Is Strong With This One


His eyes!!! THEY BURN ME! THEY BURN ME! … well turn down the hot water Jenny, sheesh! Ok – so obviously the dark side is something we’ve all been missing in the shower, am-I-right? No longer do you need to worry about whether the force is with you or not, because with these Darth Vader and R2-D2 shower heads, you can cover yourself in force all day (as long as you shower in the morning). Check out where to get your very own Star Wars spout after the break:

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond. Each has three settings: spray, jet, and mixed. R2 costs $25 and is a fixed shower head, while Vader costs $30 and comes as a wand in case you’ve ever wanted to blast yourself…in the… you know. But we’ll leave that up to you.






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