Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Genderbent Abe Sapien


Doug Jones would be proud of cosplayer Gothic Sushi as she recreates her version of Abe Sapien from Hell Boy. We particularly love the way she reimagined the eyes, hair, and coloring. Check out more stunning photos after the break:









3 thoughts on “Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Genderbent Abe Sapien”

  1. I already told tomk74 that Doug Jones is my youngest brother. On his site, The Doug Jones Experience, I looked at a tab which featured fan art. One had a drawing of the fan herself in similar get-up standing next to my brother’s character. It was titled Babe Sapien.

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    1. Robert! How did I miss that!? I have a cool connection to your brother as well – my friend Natisha got married (as you probably know) this past year to another friend of mine, and my husband was in their wedding. Doug, as you know, gave her away.

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      1. Neat. He was telling us about her at our family vacation last June. Based on his recommendation, I looked up some videos of her comedy routine. I believe she is another Ball State alum like my brother. Thank you so much for the personal note. Take care.

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