Geek Culture Wins Out In Former Soviet Union


Unless you’re Marty McFly visiting 30 years into the future, you should know the United States won the Cold War.


But how decisive was that victory?  Well, one of our best known pop culture creations just replaced one of their best known historical figures in public.

Yeah, it seems that a statue of Vladimir Lenin was replaced with Darth Vader over in Ukraine.

Here’s the before and after:


OK, we can speculate about this, because it’s what we do, and by we I mean I.

Vader is an obvious replacement for Lenin on a certain level.  Not only can you only slightly modify Lenin’s coat into Vader’s cape, but Vader has that rep of being the big bad guy from Star Wars, even though in reality he, well, wasn’t.  He was either a flunky or the ultimate hero depending on how you read the series.

But Vader’s heroism only comes after nearly six hours of movies where he chokes guys out, tortures people, chokes some more guys out, gives his son the nifty new nickname of “Lefty”, and acts like the Emperor’s personal hit man.

Or, if you want to count the prequels, then it comes after all that, plus six more hours worth of movies where he’s a whiney, obnoxious kid that chose the wrong victim.

And hey, does this make the Emperor Karl Marx?  Stalin as Darth Maul?  Betrayed political idealist Dooku stands in for Trotsky maybe?

I think I better stop here.

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