ICYMI – The First Full Jessica Jones Trailer From Netflix Is Here


I don’t know much about Jessica Jones, something I know I have to remedy.  The only books that I have read with her in it she usually shows up for a panel and whines to Luke Cage about protecting their baby and fades back into the background.  By the looks of the trailer from Netflix (and I assume the Brian Michael Bendis series it is based on) Jessica’s past is pretty dark and convoluted.  Decide for yourself after the cut.

One thought on “ICYMI – The First Full Jessica Jones Trailer From Netflix Is Here”

  1. The trailers are well done, and the concept is intriguing. From what I’ve seen so far, and from what I’ve read about the original comic series, this is well-marketed and will be well-made and horribly difficult to watch. I won’t face a moral dilemma, though, because I’m not a Netflix subscriber.


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