Does The Last Hunger Games Movie Change The Ending?


The final Hunger Games movie opens in less than a month and the marketing blitz is about to begin. It seems an odd thing to market–if you read the books or saw the first three movies of course you’ll see the final film. Even if the third film wasn’t so great. But the recent round of content has me wonderinf if perhaps the movie has a surprise in store and will change the ending from the books. Read after the break to explore this theory.


The ending of the books had the surprising yet appropriate ending of Primrose’s death. The moment both brings the reality of the war home and also becomes a breaking moment in the Katniss-Pita-Gale love triangle as it was Gale’s tactic that probably resulted in Primrose’s death. All readers know this ending.

So isn’t it a bit curious that the movie poster contains the tagling “Nothing can prepare you for the end”? I can think of something that would prepare us–the books.

Or if you didn’t read the books then maybe you saw this official Mockingjay part 2 trailer called “For Prim” which looks like it’s signalling a death with a five hundred foot bonfire:

With this trailer and the books, do the producers really think we can’t be prepared?

Maybe so. If they changed the ending. What if Prim doesn’t die? What if we truly cannot be prepared because they changed the ending?

That “For Prim” video does seem to signal a death though. And the vast majority of the video is Katniss and Prim. So if we cannot be prepared but someone is going to die and the video is “For Prim” does this mean Katniss will die? We’ll find out November 20.

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