Indiana Jones Is Not James Bond


Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond will be out very soon.  Craig wasn’t the first Bond and probably won’t be the last.  But recasting is hardly new.  There have been multiple Batmen, Supermen, and probably a new Wolverine fairly soon.

But what about Indiana Jones, I ask knowing the answer.  Well, see after the cut to find out what one producer thinks.

Yeah, Frank Marshall says it’s gotta be Harrison Ford.

Marshall should probably know.  He’s the producer for a possible new movie now that Disney got the franchise.

I mean, yeah, there’s been a lot of chat about Chris Pratt taking the part.  The Internet loves Chris Pratt.  The ticket-buying public loves Chris Pratt.  Heck, Frank Marshall probably loves Chris Pratt.  But Frank Marshall has more say in these sorts of things than most people, and he wants to start up that old Ford.

I mean, it’s not like other people have played Indiana Jones.

But it can’t be worse than anything involving nuked refrigerators.

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