Geeky Last Minute Halloween Costumes

This pumpkin is super.  So too is your power of costume procrastination.
This pumpkin is super. So too is your power of costume procrastination.

If you’re the type of person who likes to wait for the last minute to get a Halloween costume–congratulations!!  It’s officially the last minute.  Which means Amazon can’t deliver a decent costume in time (no, there isn’t a decent one on Prime Now even if you’re in an area they cover) and all your stores are sold out of the good costumes.  You’re going to have to do this yourself.  Lucky for you, Gabbing Geek is here with some easy to pull off and still geek-cred worthy costumes.  Jump after the break to see all the awesome ideas.

Do you have a shirt and a sharpie?  BOOM!  You’ve got an awesome Web page loading error costume.



Do you have a grey hoodie lying around?  Don’t think so?  Check again.  Yeah, we don’t know how you have that either.  But with that hoodie and some yellow construction paper cut into a crude crown you are instantly transformed into Max from Where the Wild Things Are.


Is there a Home Depot or Lowe’s near where you live?  Probably.  In that case you can run in, grab a bunch of grey paint samples, and now you’re 50 Shades of Grey.


Here’s that costume in the guy version.  But there should not be a guy version of this costume.


If you have some red and white construction paper you’re just a few crudely cut shapes away from an awesome Operation costume.


Do you have some nickels and a hot glue gun?  Wait, you do?  WHY?!?!  I guess you’re in luck because now you can make a Nickelback costume.


And finally, if all else fails, do you have a white trash bag in your house?  Probably at least a 50% chance you do.  If so, great–you just need a marker and some scissors to cut a few holes and voila…you’re Watson!



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