Adjusted For Inflation: He’s Six Billion Now

They're gonna use the one on the left.
They’re gonna use the dude on the left.

You know what the world needs?  A cure for cancer.

Well, instead, it looks like we’re getting another reboot of an old property I don’t think anyone was really asking for.

Yes, it appears that Mark Wahlberg has been tapped to play the Six Billion Dollar Man.  They’ve got a release date and everything.

So, for those who don’t know, back a few decades ago there was a series called The Six Million Dollar Man about a guy who got hurt really, really bad and got all these cyborg implants to improve his strength, speed, and various senses.  You knew he was running faster because he always did it in slow motion.  He did work for the government and sometimes there was even talk of the female equivalent when the Bionic Woman came to visit.

But really, Wahlberg’s probably going to be paid more than six million just to act in this thing and I am pretty sure there won’t be any cyborg implants involved.  So, let’s just up the character’s price tag to six billion.  Those are some expensive medical bills.  I doubt those sorts of implants are covered by Blue Cross.

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