Sometimes Nice Things Happen

Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens1_BINARY_663810Daniel Fleetwood got to see Star Wars:  The Force Awakens early.  Don’t be too jealous of the man, though.  He’s dying.

Daniel has a fatal form of cancer and was given only a couple months to live back in September.  He’s a Star Wars fan from his childhood, and a social media campaign came out to let the guy see the movie.  So, hey, good for him.  If he weren’t dying, this would be a completely feel good story.

On a side note, this scenario was also the basic plot to the 2009 comedy Fanboys, in which a group of friends take a dying buddy across country so he can see The Phantom Menace before he dies.  I just hope The Force Awakens is a good movie, because if its more akin to Phantom Menace than Empire Strikes Back, well…

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