Box Office Report: Bozhe Moi!


Yes, more tickets sold.

Who won this time around?  Are there any winners?

And now last weekend’s Russian box office report.  Due to a delay from Gabbing Geek’s Russian correspondent Sergi Dropoff, we are a wee bit late, but better late than never.

In first place, earning 271.1 million rubles was the action-adventure The Last Witch Hunter.

Dropping to second is Hotel Transylvania 2 with 232.4 million rubles.

The debut Black Mass opened with 63.5 million rubles.  The gap between first, second, and third place is not to be construed as a failure of the collective so much as it is a reassertion of the fact Russians prefer witches and vampires to more human monsters.

In fourth place is The Martian with 41.2 million rubles.

And finally, in fifth place is an actual Russian movie, Bez granits, with 37.8 million rubles. It’s a comedy!

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