SNL To Stream Soon

Streaming Soon On A Service Near You
Streaming Soon On A Service Near You

NBC has announced that its new streaming service Seeso will run almost the entirety of Saturday Night Live.

Yeah, not everything, but close to it…

What won’t be there?  Well, they’ll be cutting out the musical guests.

Everything else may be fair game.

I say “may” because people who know the history of the show know, for example, that the first year after Lorne Michaels left was an unmitigated disaster, and while Dick Ebersol produced the show for a good few years before Michaels returned, Michaels himself has basically said none of the shows he didn’t produce would ever hit DVD or something along those lines.  That’s why you only ever see Eddie Murphy on retrospective specials if you have any sort of SNL on home video you didn’t record yourself when the show was on endless reruns on Comedy Central.

So, will everything really be there?

You know what?  I don’t care.  SNL has always been, from the very beginning, a grab-bag of good sketches sandwiched between bad sketches, obnoxious reoccurring characters, more bad sketches, weird sketches, sketches that should have never been on TV, bored-looking musical guests, and finally  guest hosts that may or may not be worth remembering for one reason or another.  I mean, something like this could be useful to find the exact moment the show began to suck, but I doubt it.  Besides, the last thing I need is yet another streaming service.

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