(No) Podcast Reaction: The Watson Is Missing Edition

Have you seen this man?

This week on the podcast, there wasn’t one.  In fact, this marks the second podcast-free week in a row.

In fact, there’s also been a slowdown in Gabbing Geek article production if anyone cared to notice.  The reason for both these things is sad and unfortunate.

Watson is missing.  Please help us find our Watson.

Watson was last seen flipping through an old girlie magazine he claims to have found over by the abandoned train yard.  Ryan has been telling Watson for ages to stay out of there.  There’s all kinds of rusty nails and things.  He could give himself a case of tetanus if he doesn’t watch his step.  But Watson is always going off there, claiming he can find all kinds of awesome treasures there, and he did discover this pitch black pearl in the remains of a pirate ship there.  That case was even more creepy since the train yard is about seventy miles inland, and it doesn’t make sense for there to be any shipwrecks, but maybe that patch of land inspired Lost.

Huh, no wonder Ryan hates it out there.

Anyway, Watson announced he had somewhere he had to be, somewhere important, and put on his lucky red hat and ambled out the door.  He hasn’t been seen since.

The rest of us have been looking everywhere, and not just because since his disappearance not only have our article production been down, but so has our page views.  Seriously, we’ve been pulling something like half of what we were doing before Halloween.  It’s like Watson left and took half the audience with him.

Where have we looked?

Ryan checked between the couch cushions, because all kinds of stuff gets stuck in there.  All he found was some loose change and a half-eaten Snickers bar.  He kept the change and I think he ate the Snickers.

Jenny has been searching social media, but unfortunately, Watson’s brand of crude innuendos and perv-y humor seems to be rather common among many of the people who frequent the Internet.  Who knew?

Jimmy went to check with Malin Ackerman.  He said he got a hot tip she knew something.

Jimmy's hot tip.
Jimmy’s hot tip.

Greg checked Netflix.  Sometimes they have some good documentaries, and you can learn stuff from those, but nothing on how to find a lost Watson.

I took out a flashlight and searched some back alleys.  Then I checked the woods.  I found Bigfoot, but not Watson.  Bigfoot didn’t have any tips, since he’s a monster truck and they can’t talk.

So, please, if you have any information on where Watson might be, contact Gabbing Geek and let us know.

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