Join In On Black Friday With This Black Friday Shopping Simulator


Black Friday has been advertised to us for weeks now. And if you’re reading this, then you know it’s only hours away. You’ve probably had a little bit of family time, and/or you’ve already stuffed yourself silly with good eats and treats. But you know what’s around the corner – the most terrifying shopping day of the year.

But this year, instead of braving the stores like every other crazy person out there. Be extra crazy and play this Black Friday Simulator game. The game puts you right in the chaos without having to get out of bed. Want to kick an old lady? Feel free! Need to punch a baby? Sure – why not. Grab a TV and run away from the cops, because this game has it all. You really can’t unsee this once you watch. Happy Shopping!

Need to test this out for yourself? Go head over to GAME – Christmas Shopper Simulator 2 Black Friday. …. you know you want to. Go ahead. Just do it.


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