(Still No) Podcast Reaction: The Skeleton Crew Edition

Sorry, Admiral, it is not.
Sorry, Admiral, it is not.

Once again, there was no podcast this week.  Furthermore, both of our regular readers may have noticed that there’s been a continuous drop-off in the number of daily published articles.  Does this coincide with the advertising that mysteriously appeared?  I dunno.  Maybe.

But apparently, whatever made Watson disappear has become contagious.

As previously reported, Watson has disappeared.  We got some clues as to his whereabouts in the form of a pile of odd socks, two half-charged double-A batteries, and a Barbarella poster that made half the staff get a disgusted look on their collected faces and decide Watson could find himself, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, certified Broadway fanatic Ryan was so inspired by Hamilton that he decided to do his own hip-hop musical based on early American history.  Burr will be opening this March in Ryan’s garage.

Jenny, meanwhile, has seen The Peanuts Movie 203 times.  She loves Peanuts that much.  Occasionally she stumbles out of the local multiplex, blinks heavily many times in the presence of actual sunlight, and then wanders off in search of a quick meal before going back to see if Charlie Brown will win the big game or the spelling bee or whatever it is he does (I haven’t seen the movie) because she’s so bedazzled by the film’s joie de vie or whatever that she doesn’t realize the story doesn’t really change with each viewing.

And that does it for everyone who does the podcast.  Meanwhile, all the Gabbing Geek articles are being handled by Jimmy Impossible and myself.  Oh, and Greg does his Netflix report when he can.

And it’s not as if Jimmy and I aren’t behind on our own stuff.

Remember when this came out once a week or so?
Remember when this came out once a week or so?

But even Jimmy and I can get distracted.

Jimmy's distraction.
Jimmy’s distraction.
Tom's distraction.
Tom’s distraction.

So, anyway, Gabbing Geek is currently being run by a skeleton crew of dedicated people who don’t get out as much as some of the others.  Please bear with us as we locate the missing members of our troop.

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