Tom Cruise Lands Some Breakout Leading Ladies


Some casting news for a couple of Tom Cruise films has been announced in the last day or so.  First, the breakout star of Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation, Rebecca Ferguson will return for Mission: Impossible 6.  I thought MI5 was only ok but Ryan loved it.  (Sorry, “loved loved loved” it.)  Either way, I think we can agree that Ferguson was great and it will be good to have her back.  MI6 is currently planning to shoot late next year for a 2017 release.  Joining Cruise and Ferguson in returning will be MI5 director Christopher McQuarrie who is presumably holed up in a pub somewhere with his laptop trying to come up with impossible situations to put Cruise in.

Secondly, for some unknown reason, Universal is rebooting The Mummy with Cruise (rumored to be) starring as the human and Kingsman: The Secret Service breakout star Sofia Boutella as the Mummy.  Well, that is a change from Arnold Vosloo.  I’m not sure why they need to reboot The Mummy, but it sounds like it will be with more of a horror slant than the campy Branden Fraser/Stephen Sommers films.  And is it really a “reboot” if it is a completely different franchise that just happens to have a mummy in it?

The Mummy is set to be released in the Spring of 2017, so it looks like Tom Cruise is going to be a busy boy next year.

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