Avengers Team Poll


In the wake of both Secret Wars and the MCU, Marvel now has a ton of Avengers-titles.

Well, we here at Gabbing Geek need to fill a timeslot, so here’s a scenario:

You live in the Marvel Universe when a big supervillain scuffle breaks out.  You can call one of the current Avengers teams for help.  Who do you call?  Poll behind the cut.

2 thoughts on “Avengers Team Poll”

  1. Well, it depends on the villain. I mean, if we’re talking big cosmic end-of-reality-as-we-know-it deal, then it’s going to be the Ultimates. If we’re talking something weird and crazy and serious but not necessarily a threat to entire universe but still could be a pretty big deal, then that’s New Avengers territory. If it’s just a standard supervillain thing, like if Kang is trying to conquer the present again or there’s an alien invasion or whatever, then the ANAD Avengers or A-Force would both be good choices. I’d say ANADA for most supervillain scuffles. A-Force looks like it might be a little more specialized.


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