Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Who Will Write The Report This Week?


It’s another week, and another box office report.

Once again, no sign of Watson to do this, but we found someone else to do it.  See the report after the cut.

Yes, we at Gabbing Geek found Watson’s third cousin Cletus to write the report.  Or, well, he dictated the report since writin’ ain’t his strong suit.

So, I dun seen that that Jennifer Lawrence thingamabob done came in first over thar weekend.  You know, the one about a Hungry Games?  I had a bet goin’ with my friend Billy Ray Bob Garcia that a Pixar would eventually beat a Hungry Games and by golly, I was wrong.  Now I gotta set him up with a date with muh sister Rayleen.  Hungry Games got eleven-point-three million dollars.

Say, if they’re so hungry, why don’t they just eat some of them Mockingjays? Gotta be some good meat on that thing.

Speakin’ of good meat, you think whales got some good meat on ’em?  That movie said it was the origin story of Moby Dick came in next.  In the Heart o’ th’ Sea.  Eleven million dollars to see how some bald singer guy got into the business?  I think it shore is inspirin’ that a whale can play some e-lec-tronic moosic.  I mean, I didn’t know Moby was a whale too!

The Good Dinosaur was th’rd.  That one cost me a date with muh sister.  She’s th’ purtiest gal in the whole dang county.   She still got most of her teeth!  Almost ten and a half million dollars to somethin’ that I don’t think was in the Bible.

Hey, another movie about some rock band came in fourth.  Creed got ten point one million dollars.

Finally, there wuz th’ Krampus at fiff place wit’ eight million.

Say, you shore do have a real purty mouth…


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