New Year, New Titles for Netflix


Netflix is cleaning house the end of December.  We may not be losing a lot of Geek titles, but in my opinion we are losing a lot of classics. For starters, we are losing the whole Rocky franchise!  Creed posted good reviews, so I was hoping Netflix would leave these classics around a little longer.  We are losing a couple Mission Impossible movies, the Bourne Identity films, and the Rambo movies.  2016 isn’t the year for Stalone on Netflix.  Zoolander is also leaving us as well as both Tomb Raider movies and Jerry Maguire.  I guess it just wasn’t showing the money anymore.

The kids are losing all sorts of classic cartoons, from The Rescuers, to Dumbo, to the Tigger Movie.  Its a fairly large dump of classic Disney movies as well as some Sesame Street for the even younger set.

What does 2016 bring us?  For starters the only Geek title is Catwoman, and I’m not sure that is worth watching.  We also get 2 Fast 2 Furious and the 2nd Ice Age movie.  Nothing on the list really excites me.  Take a look at this pretty complete list of what is coming and going and let me know what I really need to watch next month.  If not, I will just rewatch Jessica Jones, because that series ROCKED.

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