Podcast Reaction: I Was There This Time, Dammit Edition


Last week on the podcast, I was actually there.

No.  Really.  That was me.  I got to smell Watson’s various odors.

I really don’t know what to add here, aside from pointing out that was a really lame bit I tried connecting Pirates of the Caribbean to Star Wars.  To quote the great Groucho Marx, “You can’t expect all the jokes to work.”

So, instead, I want to take a moment to thank the Senior Geeks, Ryan, Watson, and Jenny, for having me on the show and showing me a good time in Austin last week.  Sure, I either held the microphone too close or too far from my mouth…actually, I have little more to say than that.

I did come equipped to discuss Jessica Jones or the book club entry City of Stairs that I recommended a very long time ago, but oh well.

Let’s just end with a quick video.

Hey, it’s Jimmy’s turn to speak on the show.  Someone take care of that!

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